Forex 101: The Basics Of Trading Forex

forex signals on a chartForex trading is fast, exciting, and can be VERY profitable. However, you won’t get too far if you don’t have any basic Forex training from which to build from.

Here are some trading basics to get you started.

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What Is Forex?

Forex is the world’s leading trading platform with nearly 4 trillion dollars traded daily. Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous exchange of the currency of one country for that of another. It’s a high menace investment market but can be mastered via appropriate education, precise advice, and enough experience.

The Foreign Exchange Market (FX or Currency Market) is a type of exchange for the global decentralized trading of international currencies. It’s a trading platform that enables investors to exchange currencies of a particular country for another’s.

For instance, if the US dollar is up, and the Australian dollar is low, you would opt to exchange USD for Australian dollars.

The 4 Major Currency Pairs


The Euro and the United States Dollar stands as the most actively traded currency pair in the global market. The Euro is the prevalent currency for Austria, Finland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain, and Slovenia. The EUR/USD’s liquidity is far beyond any other currency and this cuts down the price hops or price gaps in short term trading.


The United States dollar and the Japanese Yen take more order and persistence to trade. It can take much time in a narrow trading and eventually break out to a new price level. Additionally, this is the most politically sensitive currency pair to trade, so be keen with what is happening in the news.


This pair is nicknamed ‘sterling’ and it pairs the pound with the U.S dollar. The United Kingdom economy is the 2nd largest state economy in Europe. Despite the fact that this pair trades like the EUR/USD it has an extra punch, portraying larger price movements and thus chance for profits if you’re in the right place at the right time.


The U.S dollar and the Swiss Franc can be an exigent currency pair to trade. The Swiss Franc was some time ago deemed as a safe haven, but the last couple of years have showed that isn’t essentially correct. Consequently, you can receive false breakouts on the technical analysis and spike results; hence you need to be on your toes when trading this pair.

How Does A Forex Trade Work?

placing a trade on the foreign exchangeThe way Forex works involves an investor who desires to buy or sell one form of currency for another hoping that he/she will make a profit when the currencies’ value change in his/her favor. This usually comes either from market news, or events happening across the globe.

For instance, if you purchased currency and then it appreciates its value, then you’ll make earnings by closing your position. By doing this and selling the currency back so as to lock in profit, you’re in realism purchasing the counter currency in the pair.

When you trade currency pairs, one currency prized against another, a worth rate is established. This is due to the fact that the currency of a country has value only relative to another country’s currency.

There are a lot of diverse tools that can help out a Forex trader. Advanced charting programs are a key tool, and there is also a lot of great trading software. Beside these major tools, global-interactive training rooms with live video feeds, and the daily Forex report from World Bank ensures investors receive the best preparation for Forex trading.

By working with proven resources you will receive the best tools to be a Forex pro.

Forex Charts

Like every great ship captain sailing across the waters, understanding how to read and use charts is integral to your Forex success. Here are a few basics to know about.

Forex Candlesticks

forex candlestick chart patternThe Japanese formulated candlestick charts many years ago and they’ve been applied extensively by traders since then. They’re fundamentally like bar charts apart from offering a lot more info.

Forex candlesticks are a diagrammatic representation of the currency market prices. The chart bears a resemblance to a candle, thus the name.

In case you want come up with the best trading decisions, the following are a few candlestick patterns that you need to familiarize with in order to be also guided on when to make a trade and when not to.


This is a candlestick pattern named so because it has a long wick and short body that resembles a hammer. This pattern is created after a decline and an indication of potential turnaround in the currency market.


This is another candlestick pattern that’s very popular. Nonetheless, this pattern can set off confusion among traders and habitually symbolizes uncertainty in the currency market.

The pattern is formed when the opening price and closing price are virtually equal. The alleged pattern is shown in the candlestick as a plus or cross sign. It may be as well shown as an inverted cross.


This is a pattern that can be observed amid 2 candlesticks. As the name puts forward, one candlestick ‘engulfs’ the other as candle’s body in the preceding day is contained in the body of candle in day 2.

According to this pattern, the 2nd day opens lesser than the closing price of the other day and closes upper than the previous day’s opening price as well.

Understanding Support & Resistance

Technical analysis is an essential part of online Forex trading and so as to outshine in technical analysis and come up with consistent profits, it’s crucial to be familiar with accepted concepts like support and resistance, channel line, trend line, and penetration across channel line and trend line.

When studying any trend in Forex, it’s easy to recognize that nothing moves in a straight line. Rather instead, all currencies are inclined to move in a slapdash manner, zigzagging their way via time.

Forex chart showing support and resistanceAt first glance, someone may feel that there’s no pattern but studying closely, you’ll observe that there are certain limits, both downwards as well as upwards, beyond which the currency inclination doesn’t move.

These are generally referred to as support and resistance levels, where support is the final point in the downward inclination which the currency doesn’t fall and resistance is a point where the currency doesn’t move further than a point in the upward inclination.

Usually, prices differences arise between these 2 points. On the other hand, you need to note that the support and resistance levels doesn’t remain steady but keeps on changing due to market fluctuation, which in itself forms a pattern.

A lot of proficient Forex dealers have been utilizing support and resistance levels as a major aspect of their Forex exchanging procedures to exchange the currency market.

Besides currency exchanging, there are other fiscal instruments like stocks which likewise utilize support and resistance. It’s recognized to be a standout amongst the most effective approaches to trade Forex as it is dependent upon price actions itself.

Support and resistance exchanging is seen as once the cost reaches a certain level, it may stop, find that it hard to penetrate that level and afterward reverses. When traders have the ability to distinguish these activities, they’ll have the ability to achieve huge returns from the Forex market.

Support levels are recognized when purchasers push the cost up when cost reaches a given level which finds that hard to penetrate. This is also the same for resistance levels.

Forex Trend Lines & Channels

forex chart showing a trend channelA trend is meant to provide valuable information on a Forex chart. The most crucial info it offers is the current price direction. These simple lines aid in determining whether the market is on an upward or downward direction.

They help a person easily identify the points of support and resistance levels for market price.

They help traders identify the precise positions for earning profits and taking the right protective stops. It’ll make the entrance and exit points clear for the Forex trader. The lines indicate the right points to make profits in the market if applied correctly. Trend lines aid in making the right decisions and taking profitable positions.

Forex Analysis

Forex analysis is helpful in establishing the future of price movements of currencies.

Forex Technical Analysis

This is the study of the financial markets, which engages the analysis of what has previously happened. Taking into account the past market diagrams, the investor tries to figure out what will happen later on. The individual making the analysis tries to recognize some repeating patterns in the past and utilize the information of these patterns and apply them in the present market.

An alternate kind of analysis of the financial markets and obviously Forex is Fundamental Analysis, where the investor bases his postulation as to the improvement of the courses, in view of the prevailing financial circumstances.

Certainly, it’s said that a person needs to choose only a single analysis to make decision. For instance, we rely on fundamental analysis to foresee the long-term and technical analysis to predict the short-term.

moving averages on a chartUnderstanding Moving Averages

Forex moving averages are the ideal approach to begin your Forex career and winning pips.

Forex trading strategy (note it’s strategy not strategies) in light of the fact that it could be utilized as a standalone exchanging system.

With such a variety of routines around it is not difficult to become mixed up in the crowd, lose center and get occupied, the excuse for why such a large number fail in Forex trading.

Get the fundamentals right and the rest will follow. Discover what lives up to expectations, copy the victory then refine, rehash and develop.

Why Use Forex Moving Averages? 

Forex moving averages succumb under the ‘technical analysis’ banner or Forex charting. At school I inquired as to whether the exam was hard. She said “No it’s easy……when you know the solutions.” It is no different here. Once you’ve a thought of how a graph functions it won’t take long to acclimate yourself with a chart and know precisely what’s going on.

The Forex moving averages are plotted over an exceptionally straightforward Forex candlestick chart and help you recognize patterns, the heading the market is liable to move so you can pick the most productive entrance and exit locations. Exchanging Forex with pointers is about picking the most probable exchanges to benefit.

What Is A Breakout Trade?

Breakout trading is utilized by traders to take a position inside the unanticipated phases of a pattern. This system generally can get you in close to the beginning stage of a significant price move. The way to profiting is getting on board the right half of a key price movement.

At that point, as the Forex market goes your direction, you can deliberately add to your position. It’s clever to dependably practice sound cash management. This might be accomplished by executing stops.

Breakout exchanging engages a stock or potential prices that move outside a characterized support or resistance level with expanded or substantial volume. After the breakout, you might enter into a long position if the price breaks above resistance.

You might enter into a short position if the price breaks less than support. Commonly you will see an expansion in unpredictability, with prices generally moving in the direction of the breakout.

Here is a quick video explaining some of the basics of breakout trading.

One of the keys to your Forex training success is to understand that the learning never stops!

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